lördag 23 april 2016

The Elder Scrolls III Morrowind

What a truly remarkable game Morrowind is, still to this day. It's immersion, atmosphere and world building done perfectly. And now I've finished the main story for the first time, after many hours spread over years, I finally dedicated some time to finishing the long main storyline.

Meeting the honorable Dagoth Ur, we had a long and very interesting conversation before our inevitable battle to the death. After beating him and destroying the Heart of Lorkhan as well as the unfinished Anumidium, saving Tamriel from an unknown fate at the hands of the mad god, I went to see Vivec.

We talked at length about what had happened, the future of the Tribunal, Morrowind and the Temple, as well as my own future within it all. I decided to leave the tools of Kagrenac in his care.

Now I'm left to wonder what's next, as I leave Vivecs sanctum I'm presented with this view, promising nearly infinite more hours of adventure in this truly amazing world.

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