måndag 7 maj 2018

Wolfbayne's Wolfpack is a Minecraft++ modpack that adds and enhances vanilla features without adding overpowered magic, tech and automation features. The pack aims to give players a more interesting and content rich world to explore, filled with dungeons and ruins as well as several new dimensions, while maintaining Minecrafts open ended style. No quests or guides will point your way, it's still Minecraft, just much more interesting to explore.

The pack mainly tries to showcase lesser known or smaller, more focused mods, as opposed to the many huge, popular "kitchen sink" style mods, there are already plenty of modpacks with all the most popular mods, this isn't one of them.

Features and Mod descriptions:
  • Several new dimensions are added by Mo' Creatures, The Twilight Forest and The Betweenlands. The Aether II will be added to the pack when it's ready
  • Biomes O' Plenty adds much more landscape variety to both the overworld as well as the Nether
  • More structures and dungeons to explore from Dungeon Tactics, Roguelike Dungeons and Ruins
  • Improved Visuals with Better Foliage, Dynamic Trees and Optifine
  • New gameplay features and decorative blocks from Quark, Everlasting Abilities, Extra Alchemy, Reliquary, Aquaculture and Rustic
  • Better performance thanks to Optifine and FoamFix
  • More, harder and more varied mobs and animals with Animania, Mo' Creatures, Primitive Mobs and Infernal Mobs
  • Better Storage with Iron Chests and Improved Backpacks
  • Atmospheric Sounds from Ambient Sounds 2.0
  • Gameplay and Clientside improvements with Hopper Ducts, JEI, Inventory Tweaks, Client Tweaks, Mouse Tweaks and AppleSkin
  • Crafting system additions in the form of Adventurer's Toolbox, which adds much variety to tools and weapons without being overcomplicated.
Mod List:
Dungeon Tactics
Dynamic Trees
Dynamic Trees - BoP
Biomes O' Plenty 
Basic Nether Ores 
Everlasting Abilities
Extra Alchemy
Hopper Ducts
Improved Backpacks
AtomicStryker's Infernal Mobs
Inventory Tweaks
Iron Chests
Just Enough Items (JEI)
AmbientSounds 2.0
Better Foliage
Client Tweaks
Mo' Creatures
Primitive Mobs
Reliquary v1.3
Roguelike Dungeons
Ruins (Structure Spawning System)
Rustic BOP Woods 
The BetweenLands
Corail Tombstone
Adventurer's Toolbox
The Aether II 
The Twilight Forest
Mouse Tweaks
Xaero's Minimap
Xaero's World Map 

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